It’s Been Emotional

30 06 2015

It has, to be fair. These past… 5 years? Give or take. There’s been ups, downs, lefts, rights, wrongs, and squiggly motion that kinda makes you wanna throw up.

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20 06 2015

As ever, beyond the respite of everything being well… things have (as they have a habit of doing) gone a fair bit Pete Tong within the confines of my cranium.

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Ignore This One As Wel

12 03 2015

Can’t quite think straight.

Using damagingly loud music to try and distract from the static between my ears.

I don’t want to commit suicide.
But I desire to commit suicide.

Does that make sense?

Maybe it’s my ego scared of death. Maybe I’m too fucked up to realise what the hell is going on with me. Narcissism valuing myself higher than I consciously value myself. How fucking twisted.

Such a fucking idiot

No change there

Hold it together and lose it in the same self absorbed package. No wonder I’m writing this drivel

Stupid head. Should have been starved of oxygen ages ago (38 years ago tbh)


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