20 05 2010

Ok, this is the first post and lets face it, there’s always some details needed to bring people up to speed.

With the blog title ‘Is there a future?’ the easy answer is yes as in general that’s true. I could go into the whole multiple universe things etc but there’s plenty already doing that and considering where I’m going with this it’s probably not the biggest deal… at least in my universe.

Anyway, back to the point and the title is a reference to whether or not there exists a future that I can genuinely see myself in. This is quite a difficult one as I’ve always been of the opinion that the world would be a better place if I didn’t exist, and inmmensely improved if I had never existed, never suicidal (until recently but that’s another story), just not wanting to be alive. To complicate things I have several psychiactric/psychological issues which means that being realistic is not a straight forward thing for me.

Why use a blog? It’s so I have somewhere to write things down which can be kept in a more orderly fashion than I’ve been able to manage so far. I’m also open to a little public participation as I can do a fair amount of thinking on my own but there’s nothing like bouncing ideas of others to enhance things, in a mutually beneficial way.

So what now? Well, this is my first blog so I’ll leave it at that and explore, expand things a little and add more information as and when. Feel free to explore or leave n never come back




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