First Experiment

21 05 2010

Right, my first experiment happens tonight and it’s a good one to begin with.

I have a little trouble with sleep, normally sleep alright but when you’re going to sleep around 4am n waking up abut midday it can be a pain in the ass. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been like this for many years although it rarely effects my work etc, just be good to make it a little more sensible if possible.

After a little bit of research I’ve come up with something which may help me get to sleep a little earlier and maybe use the day a little more. As such I’m going to reduce the amount of light I’m exposed to throughout the evening and hopefully I can report feeling tired earlier.

I’m not expecting miracles from the experiment, but even a couple of hours could make a big difference to me. So fingers crossed.




2 responses

22 05 2010

First try done and it was alright, far from conclusive so I’ll be continuing this one.

Result was feeling tired around midnight, in bed n going for sleep around 2am, initial wake up time was about 7am but went back to sleep then woke up between 10am and 10.30am.

23 05 2010

Ballsed it up the second night but it does seem that I may be good with 5hrs sleep regardless, just need to be able to wake up properly at that time. Ah well, will see how tonight goes

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