To begin with…

21 05 2010

So, blog created, a little fiddling with settings etc done and now…?

Ok, this is actually harder than I first thought (this isn’t the first version). I guess I should go from where I’m looking.

As things stand, no-one actually knows why bipolar happens and how it happens, there are several theories and the one gaining most fans is the idea of a chemical imbalance. Do I agree? Umm, yes and no. It’s my feeling that signs linked to a chemical imbalance are involved but that’s not quite what’s going on, it’s hard to describe but it seems that it’s more a combination of different wiring along with how introductions of chemicals are interacting with things.

Hmm, that’s probably not accurate either but it’s the best I can come up with at the moment. I’m gonna go have another think about this, no dount I’ll have something to think about.




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