Self medication

23 05 2010

is not normally a good idea and is the reason a lot of people with bipolar end up as alcoholics or on drugs. However I can sympathise with the theory as there’s times when my head feels a certain way and I know that things aren’t going to go well so I break out the Carlsberg Export (if you’re gonna do it, do it in style) and get a fair bit tiddly.

Why do it? Because the sense of euphoria that alcohol brings tends to be one of the few ways that you don’t have to deal with the confusion that’s coming your way. It isn’t pleasant and can lead to a lot of bad decisions being made. Of course my self medication, the subject of this rambling, tends to be quite mild as I’ve never been a big drinker so it doesn’t take much. Noticably, however, the amount I drink in percentage terms when compared to my normal drinking, tends to be double if not more. Think this is down to not normally being a great fan of being drunk whilst when self medicating I’m drinking till I don’t need to. I drink like someone on a mission basically, and that mission is to stop my head from detonating from the confusion or the inability to think clearly. No alcohol isn’t going to make my head clearer but then when drunk people tend to revert to more basic things with no real controlled thought (thus the whole lack of inhibitions type stuff).

Either way, I’m getting dosed up right now, join me why don’t you, because as Homer Simpson says – ‘Alcohol, the cause of, and solution to, all lifes problems’




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