Bouncy Bouncy

24 05 2010

Ahhh, it’s like being anxious but without the anxiety… or vice versa. Alcohol didn’t work this time although it wasn’t enough, couldn’t quite stomach it this time round so I’m now bouncing off the walls a bit, trying to stay away from old habits.

Not used to feeling like this so often, have had it before but then it wasn’t so intense or anything like that. I’m becoming more certain that my brief spell on meds was something akin to what happens when you smoke for the first time. What I mean is that it alters things within you. I suppose it’s sort of why they try to keep you on meds for a while as there seems to be a proven issue with coming off them in the short term. Theoretically it’s possible that your brain gets acclimatized to things and then it isn’t such an issue over the long term.

Interesting, so the brain works slowly but adapts to the situation and when meds are eventually removed then things are not as bad as they were. Hmm, could be, the only way to prove it would be to check the flow of neuro chemicals before, during, and after, a treatment of medication. Of course this would take a few years to do if it were actually possible, so not exactly something I’m up to.

C’mon, if I can continue to muse over the exact nature of chemical interaction within the brain then I possibly won’t think of the very tempting possibility of hanging myself.




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