Where I Stand At The Moment

24 05 2010

My research and conclusions are arrived at via the usual scientific method which is observe, hypothesise, research, conclusions. What this means is that I see what happens to me and others, I then think about it, I then do the research, and then come to a conclusion about what I know so far. I know some will just look straight at the research and not hypothesise but if you stop to think about it, you get a lot further. Anyway, the following is what I have concluded so far.

There is something called the Monoamine Hypothesis, the gist of which is that there is an issue with the monoamines within the brain. This has been further expanded to suggest that there is a chemical imbalance in the brain which has spurred on the drugs companies to make such claims. My own stand is that there is definitely something to the hypothesis but that the critics are right and the various approaches so far have been oversimplified, misguided, or just plain wrong.

As such I think that what we know is that the very basic precept of there’s an issue with the monoamines. What it is is unknown and it requires proper research. Of course this doesn’t mean that there isn’t a different kind of wiring in the brain, or a sensitivity to neurochemicals thanks to a slightly different brain structure.

However, it’s something just to get this far so those going ‘Well duh, I could’ve told you that’ I reply ‘Well why the bloody hell didn’t you?’. From this point I now have to do some serious work to decide what theories I go with and how I can further things.




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