A Little Further On

25 05 2010

So, the idea now is that there is an issue between the monoamines within the brain and the synaptic connections.

This could be one of several things;

  1. An increased density of neurons making transmission between them easier than usual and when excited by higher than normal levels of neurochemicals can, for want of a better term, short circuit.
  2. The actual creation of the monoamines can be far beyond that in regular situations which can leave to far more transmission. Think of it like putting a little water between two exposed wires to create an electrical connection which is what is normal, then imagine putting a lot more water in which happens to connect the other exposed wires near.
  3. An inbuilt sensitivity to neurochemicals which acts sort of like a mental version of coeliac disease.
  4. Something which has yet to be discovered.

At the moment I’m thinking that the increased density theory is part of my theory for good reason. ECT is something of a demon for many but the actual use points to a theory based on what we know about the effects of electrocution elsewhere. What happens is that neurons are destroyed by the electric shock which releases a protein called Brain-derived Neurotrophic Factor, sort of like the repairman of neurons. There is no doubt that neurons are being destroyed by this simple observation, if there wasn’t damage, the protein would not be released.

I’m not going to go into the pros n cons of ECT, my objective at this time is to get a handle on the actual causes of Bipolar which will have a huge amount of uses. How so? Because until you understand the nature of something, you cannot fully deal with it. As such a fair amount of unintentional harm occurs because of the treatment of something which doctors don’t understand the root cause of.

One problem is that people will say that this doesn’t account for the time between swings in mood otherwise, and they’re right for pointing this out, mood swings would be happening all the time. This is something that I’m addressing next but I have a very good feeling about the way in which it is progressing, I just have to get it straight in my head before I come right out and say it.



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