Me vs BDRN

3 06 2010

At the moment, the biggest study of those with BPAD is being conducted in the UK by a group called Bipolar Disorder Research Network. What this is, is a collaboration between Cardiff University and University of Birmingham headed up by Professor Nick Craddock, a much respected scientist in the field.

So why the versus?

The theory being researched by BDRN is a that people are born with a predisposition towards BPAD and that enviromental factors are responsible for a person actually having BPAD.

Right, so compare that with my theory that you have bipolar from the start thanks to a random switching mutation on the geneset, and that the only reason it becomes known rather than strange behaviour thats accepted is a trigger event, either a sudden rush of emotion or a kindling effect over time.

Which is the most simple? I’m of the opinion that if Occam’s Razor were to apply then mine would be the prefered theory to work on, it just makes more logical sense.

So am I against the work being done by BDRN? Hell no, I’ve volunteered for it myself and I think that if you have bipolar and you’re able to, you should volunteer too. Why? Because the vast majority of studies are small and end up either being inconclusive or contradicted by other studies. The BDRN study is huge, we’re talking about a target of at least 6000 participants which is ten times more than the average study. Regardless of what I believe, whatever comes out of this study will be immensely important to the future of those with the disorder. So join in



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