Light The Fire

16 06 2010

There are many things which are important to those with bipolar, amongst which is a correct diagnosis. But when you have your diagnosis there is one essential thing for someone with bipolar to avoid.

Kindling – it’s when you rub two sticks together in order to generate enough heat to light a fire. Now imagine that every negative thought, every bad experience is rubbing those sticks together, and whenever you revisit it in your mind it keeps building up the heat until POW! The fire is lit and you have an episode.

What people absolutely need is a long term psychotherapeutic support system consisting of:-

  • CBT – Regardless of age this is important as bad thoughts are easy, fighting them isn’t so this helps.
  • Venting – Holding stuff in is part of kindling, so having somewhere where you can let it out is good.
  • Support Network – Just having a social group where you can chat, typically it will allow you to get things resolved easier and is something you can have away from the rest of your life so that it doesn’t get confused between the two.

Get these in place and there’s more likely to be less medication needed and less chance of relapse, saving lots of money and reducing bad experiences. Fingers crossed this will happen.



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