The Future’s Bright

19 06 2010

It’s either because good things are coming or there’s a train coming.

Anyway, I think god things are coming. I’m about to start a little campaign to improve the way GPs deal with those with mental health issues (I’ll post about it once it’s rolled out… if it gets rolled out).

My local mental health service provider is having a fairly radical rethink about how it provides care which is looking very interesting. I’ve been in the consultation group and with a little refining it looks like the care we want may end up being provided.

Last of all I’m working on a survey that I hope to be publishing within a month which will be about how people see themselves and how they are treated. The purpose? To gauge how well people with mental health issues are treated by service providers and also by the world in general. Why? Because the impact of a diagnosis isn’t really known, a lot of figures are bandied about but no-one has any recent information about how it does affect peoples lives. Once we have this information we can see how badly people are affected and then target areas in order improve life. This won’t be just about bipolar, it’ll be for anyone with a mental health diagnosis.

So the future is looking bright… for now




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