What Now?

27 06 2010

It’s important for me to think about what I’m looking to do so that I don’t lose my way.

Within the next couple of weeks I’m looking to do the following;

  • Launch a survey which will look into the impact of mental health on survice users. The reason for this is that I’m looking to log where things are, then repeat the survey the following year in order to monitor how things are changing.
  • Work on the diagnosis system. I’ve currently have two projects which will look to change things in how quickly a diagnosis is arrived at by removing obstacles. Keep tuned for more of this fairly soon.
  • Defining bipolar. Bipolar is the biggest thing for me as it has elements of many psychiatric conditions that it’s worth looking into this one more than others to begin with. So I’ll be looking into which way I’m going to go with my research.

It’s all go and there are a few things which are driving me forward, not my own health n welfare, more my friends who are affected, it’s for them that keeps me focused. So, I made a prediction of major things happening within the next 2 years in the field of mental health… time to make it happen.




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