Mind Reading

12 07 2010

Every now and then I look through the results of the survey just to get an idea how it’s going and I kinda spotted something of note. At the back end of the survey is a section to say what you’d like to see happen in the future. One of the responses to this was;

‘GPs more aware so diagnosed earlier’

The reason this is of note is because before I had even conceived the survey, I had written a short paper about how the introduction of a simple diagnostic tool could see a reduction in overall costs despite the inevitable increasing the number of patients identified. Within the next week or so I’ll be looking into ways in which I can introduce it in my area. If there’s interest from other areas then I’m more than happy to share the details with people who wish to do the same in their area.

Will this make a difference? To be totally honest, I do believe that this is step one on what is more than likely a long long road. Yes I will be keeping this story up to date as and when information changes.




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