Is it worth it?

15 07 2010

I gotta admit, I knew it wouldn’t be straightforward to get this survey up and running but any effort I make towards advertising it doesn’t have much success. The numbers still keep coming in but nowhere near the numbers I need for it to be relevant.

It’s hard going and at the moment it does look like the only attempt to get a guage on how mental health affects people is gonna fail due to lack of interest. Not sure whether people aren’t taking it seriously or there’s huge amount of apathy, there could be technical difficulties but it’s unlikely. Times like this I do kinda wonder if the whole mental health world is doomed to fail due to high hopes and low support.

Lets face it, a fair amount of organisations are well meaning but honestly good do with a sharp kick up the behind. The ‘Time To Change’ campaign is an example of what I see. It’s a great idea, very much what a lot of people want to see happen but it’s not exactly working right. How so? According to information on the campaign, there have been poster campaigns, tv ads, etc. Ok, the posters and all of that I have seen…. on a psychiatric ward or at a community mental helath team location. Got to say, not a lot of use there as if it’s trying to reduce stigma, targetting the people with mental health issues is not exactly the best way to go about it. As for the TV ads, I’ve got to admit that I watch a lot of TV (whilst at home recovering I had plenty of opportunity) and I’ll be damned if I’ve seen a single ad relating to mental health. Maybe they were broadcast at silly o’clock, a common thing for charity ads (it’s the cheapest way) but I’m a late night kinda person and still saw nothing. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen charity advertising, everything from Oxfam to the new Age Concern etc ad, but no mental health ads. Of course there have been ads which reach the consciousness, such as the 1 in 4 ad which I think was government led, which was alright (an employer saying dumb things to a prospective employee).

Maybe I’m jaded, or maybe like everyone else I’ve yet to see an effective assault on stigma. If it wasn’t for my friends, especially the one I promised that things would change a great deal in the next two years (silly thing to say but it’s something I’ve got to stick to), I’d have offed myself ages ago because I gotta admit, very little directed work is being done. And the work that is being done is being ignored. How messed up is that?




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