It keeps going

25 07 2010

The more time I’m around web forums the more I see people who are at a great disadvantage to me.

You see I’ve known I’ve got my condition from quite early on in my life as my parents didn’t try to hide the family history of bipolar/manic depression and I’m not stupid so I was able to work out that I had mood swings etc when I was in my early teens. Having a formal diagnosis didn’t come as a shock, in fact I told my doctors what I had. They then argued about this and waited for results and then came up with the exact same diagnosis. Yeah I’m a little smug about this, the whole bipolar thing was a done deal regardless, the type was by luck as I was going off what an american friend said some 10 odd years ago, luck happens it turned out the type was right although the actual reason was different.

I keep seeing these people who are of similar age to me getting a very similar diagnosis, yet reacting quite differently. They are getting the shock of a formal diagnosis and are victims of their own prejudice. It’s quite common for there to be anger, a loss of self as it were, and just an attitude that the diagnosis is a negative thing. It’s not comfortable for me because I never had this reason to be so against it.

If there was anything that those new to having bipolar should know is that a diagnosis is a good thing, not a bad thing. The good thing about having a diagnosis is that you can receive care to take care of the psychological issues which inevitably happen. From my point of view, a diagnosis should be followed by a sense of ‘Oooh, now it makes sense’ but that doesn’t happen. Perhaps the level of education directly after a diagnosis needs to be increased hugely so that people understand that it’s nothing new, nothing to be afraid of, and that a proper diagnosis can only improve your life.

Ok, the current system is usually ‘Here’s your diagnosis, here’s your meds, off you go’ which definately not a good thing, and can lead to frustration in the system and a feeling of no support. This isn’t fair on those who are being newly diagnosed, they are the ones who need the most support.

Ah well, maybe someone will take note.




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