Funny Doctors

4 08 2010

Ahhh, just about finished giggling to myself over a meeting with a friends doctor, truly a comical experience for all the wrong reasons.

Now, I’m knowledgable about my condition, my friend has a similar diagnosis yet is having a harder time over it. Part of this is because accepting a diagnosis is difficult, not something I can sympathise with but then I have an advantage there as previously stated. The main reason though was because of the friends doctor. I had heard all of my friends complaints but today, witnessing the doctor in action, I couldn’t believe how patronising and… pathetic is the only way I can think of the doctor was.

In truth I knew more about the condition and the medication, the way in which things work, in fact everything, to the point where it was laughable. I take no joy in this because I know my friend has had to deal with a doctor who is poor to say the least, dangerous is even possible. I can understand the frustration, I can see where this idiot doctor has completely ruined any trust my friend had in the profession itself.

It’s things like this which do a huge amount of damage, if you can’t trust your doctor then you’re handicapped in a huge way, more so than just having a diagnosis and all the stigma which comes attached.

Contrast that with patients who don’t understand how the relationship between them and the psychiatrist is meant to work. A good psychiatrist does not tell you if your medication is right, they aren’t you, they can’t tell if it is or isn’t. You are the one who knows you and how you feel and so you are the boss in the relationship. They are simply there to work with you in deciding which way to go with medication, only intervening when they feel you may be at risk.

It’s about time these points was made as loud as possible to both sides. Patients must understand they are the only ones who know what is feeling right or wrong. And doctors must understand that the patients are investing a huge amount of trust in them, to abuse that causes more damage than an incorrect diagnosis.




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