Meds or not

13 08 2010

So, not for the first time I forgot to take my meds but this time it was so late that I thought it wasn’t gonna help taking it. How did I get on? Well I didn’t get to sleep till the early hours of the morning and then slept for less than 6 hours. Man, I haven’t slept like that for over a year, since I went on meds it’s either been really crap sleep (even with a sleeping tab like zopiclone), or sleeping ages (thanks to the meds I’m on now).

Ok, so then I knew I had to take my next dose the following day n that was even more fun, I was asleep between 8 n half 9 in the evening. I wish I could be more accurate than that but I honestly had no warning, I just fell asleep, no feeling tired, nothing.

Ok, that’s the boring stuff so what’s the good stuff? For me the good stuff was that the slow reduction in meds is certainly working and I should be able to come off them totally before the end of the year which is what I wanted. Fingers crossed



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