21 08 2010

Ever noticed how hard it is to get people to take you seriously when they know you have a mental health diagnosis?

Not fun, not fun at all, and it’s common for those of us who aren’t at our best to get, to put it bluntly, screwed over by those we encounter. It does appear to be mostly by those with a hint of authority, be it legal or healthcare, and so we become second class citizens at best, pariahs at worst.

If you’re newly diagnosed then be prepared to grab your ankles and brace for penetration because truth is that we are a blight on society. Ok this is harsh and there will be quite a few people who will stride forward to proclaim that what I’ve just written is outrageous and scaremongering in the worst tabloid manner. Perhaps but if this were the case then why would we need the Disability Discrimination Act, the Equality Act, and campaigns such as the one by Rethink? Sorry but whether we like it or not these things are needed because people will treat people with mental health issues like crap.

Don’t forget that if you had cancer you would receive far better treatment than someone with mental health diagnosis. If you told people you had, for continuitys sake, cancer they would be extremely sympathetic, yet a mental health diagnosis and it becomes time to be elsewhere. Truth be told, if you looked at the vast majority of medical conditions, the charities involved will receive far superior funding than the mental health charities such as MIND etc.

To be honest I doubt I will live to see any of the good work come to fruition, my own issues will most likely finish me off before then as it will so many others (I don’t say this for sympathy, keep it for someone who cares). But I’m not going to dwell on that because at least the good work is happening, least there is a future for others where when things go awry there is understanding so at least things won’t go against them.

At least I hope so…



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