Further to go

5 09 2010

Religions enjoy telling us about how hardship make us stronger and more virtuous. An apt example of this is the holy month of ramadan which is currently happening. The idea is that by fasting for the 30 days, only eating after dark, the abstention from sins etc, will purify the believers soul and they will, as it were, be covered when their time comes. I guess the idea of christian Lent is a similar thing, restriction to make you a better person.

For those of us without such inclinations will find the phrase ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ a little more their cup of tea. To go through some form of trial and tribulation, enduring all there is to endured, will leave us a better person for it. The logic follows that the harder the situation, the stronger you become.

Apply it to your life. Do you think you would’ve changed from the person you were if you hadn’t gone through such things? Would you have gotten stronger? Be fiercer? Be unafraid of being who you really are?

What I know is that life is too short to not be who you really are. What I don’t know is whether going to hell and back is worth the anguish and torture, that is something only the future me will know, and he’s not giving anything away.




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