Creativity and insanity

27 09 2010

There seems to be a good long discussion in various areas about the effect mental health has on creativity, as it seems that if you have bipolar you are meant to be more creative.

I would say that this could be the case because it’s a matter of where your mind goes under various stimuli, it’s no secret that part of bipolar, and other such things, is the random thoughts that come into your head at any given time.

Example? Ok, you look at someones username online, if you’re a bloke then if it’s related to a female then your mind starts to wander, especially if it includes anything more than a name. Another is that you can absorb information from sources and then come up with a different situation of which you have little to no experience of, probably why some serious business people are suspected to have bipolar.

The actual creative part may be that people just can’t get this stuff out of their head and so end up writing it down or acting out in some way. This becomes more prevalent in those who have achieved some form of recovery as they tend to have more focus and drive than before.

All in all, not sure if it because some people have really random thoughts or because those of us with mental health issues feel more need to get things out there. We might be more creative, we might just be more driven.



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