Happy World Mental Health Day!

10 10 2010

Yes, it’s an auspicious time as the world becomes more aware of Mental Health for the day. There’s many events around the country, some of you may be at these events.

The idea of such a day is to raise awareness of issues, and mental health is a massive one. Happy little events are all well and good, especially if they allow people with mental health to be more open about their condition, but for me but personally I think that there should be the grittier side should be shown.

As with conditions such as AIDS and cancer and heart disease (only one of these having a larger impact than mental health we are told) there should be more of the reality of things. Of course it’s difficult to get people interested in this kind of thing, it’s not a sunny happy time (despite what the weather actually is) when you look into the black hole of suicide, the black dog of manic depression, and all the other conditions. However, this is our lives, the ups, the downs, love it or hate it, it must be accepted as a whole.

Speaking of suicide, something which may be of interest to you dear reader is THIS which shows how despite all the importance of the day, life still goes on for millions regardless of how they try otherwise.




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