The Most Important Thing

31 10 2010


Time. To get over things, time is the greatest healer. Time is also the greatest enemy of the living.

Time is the biggest factor in mental health. Too much and people die, but too little and people die. Too much time waiting for the right help, too little time spent getting the right help.

It all boils down to time. Time to get a diagnosis, the right diagnosis, the faster, the better. Is this important? It isn’t important, it’s absolutely vital. The faster someone receives the correct diagnosis, the faster people can be entered into treatment which won’t be remedial but preventative.

Preventative… to prevent. Loss of employment, loss of finances, loss of relationships, loss of time with the ones you love, loss of life.

I would have loved to have this happen for me, I would’ve loved to had the skills to deal with things, to not have had to go through hell several times a day, to not sit here typing this over a year after the fact and still feel the hurt it caused.

Have I convinced you about time? Is time of the essence? More importantly, is it making you think? Here’s something else to fuel your thoughts. There are ways to achieve a diagnosis much faster than is the current way, the tools are there and are proven to be effective. So why don’t they get used? And therein lies the million dollar question.

But it’s not all so negative. The speed of achieving proper treatment is almost in place, the reduction of stigma thus allowing people to seek help for something kept hidden continues, thanks to the sterling work of many organisations. It’s not quite there yet and it needs to be supported by the people. The fight is being won, but as in any good battle, it needs you, the person reading this, to get involved, to be interested, to lend those fighting your support. Look for Mind and Rethink and the others, support them and hopefully that which we suffered through shall cease to exist.

As for the tools to speed diagnosis? There is work happening there




One response

5 11 2010

You are so right about time. I do not believe that, even after 23 years of diagnosis, time and the importance of it, is any less a fundamental essence of bipolar. The importance of diagnosis can not be understated for some, but for others it brings it’s own shroud. Acceptance may not be achieved even with an applied label: for some it becomes a rebellion against the label itself. However indivuals find their way, it is often with regret the past is viewed. Your future is in your own hands and your fate not scripted because of bipolar disorder. It is the constant cycle of poor compliance, denial, the shock and brutality of an episode, followed by despair and regret that haunts bipolar. However, with appropriate treatment – and a positive focus on the future – stability and acceptance become possible for most.

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