Future Meds

6 11 2010

In the survey about the impact of mental health, there was the option to leave a comment about what people would like to see happen.

One comment that struck me was a plain and simple one;

‘Better meds’

Seems a good idea but I’ve been thinking that it’s not the way to go forward, mostly because at the moment it’s hard to find anyone who could nail down how and why the meds work. What we do know is that the meds do work, for which many are grateful for.

So how do you improve things?

For me the logical next step is a change in how meds are delivered. The reason for this is that currently you take the med and it affects every version of neurochemical coursing throug your body. For example, did you know that serotonin is primarily located in the digestive tract? So the resultant side effect of anything that caps the level of that chemical automatically increases hunger etc.

What we really need is a more specific, targetted, delivery of the meds so that it only affects the areas it’s meant to. We really could benefit from using the scalpel over the sledgehammer. This will probably come in the manner of an implant, ok not subtle but it’s the results that matter. What this could give is a stopgap between the current meds and something that will work how people want it to



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