18 12 2010

I remember telling someone that I have psychological issues, they then expressed an opinion of ‘Isn’t bipolar a psychiactric condition?’ ‘Yes’ I replied ‘but it inevitably has some psychological issues thrown in.’

So, after my most recent stay in hospital I read my discharge notes and my diagnosis has altered slightly to narcissistic personality disorder with a possible concurrent diagnosis of bipolar affective disorder type 2. Now, much as I’m not a fan of being labelled a narcissist I’ve done a little reading up on it and will accept that as being the psychological aspect of me. I guess I understand the questioning of former diagnosis by the doctors, after all, all things being equal then NPD wins out as to explaining everything about me.

Unfortunately I’m going to insist on the manic depression part of my diagnosis. Considering the whole problem of manic depression being quite the chameleon of psychiactric this shouldn’t be as a surprise. I kinda now think that bipolar is the basis of someone from the very start and as such it’s down to a significant part of nurture what you end up with. Life I guess is like that, get lemons, make… a mess of things




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