The New Year Lesson

28 12 2010

Well. most of the festive season is over with the finale of the New Year (or Hogmanay for the Scots… probably the better version if you ask me) approaching fast. The significance of this period is in the looking to the future with an eye on the past, but then I’m telling you things you already know.

So what are your resolutions? When you look at the future, what do you want to happen? When you look to the past, what have you learned?

It’s always good to reflect (to a degree at least, when it becomes repetitive then it’s a problem) as it allows us to gain knowledge for the future. It’s no surprise that the age old method of trial and error is still our best learning tool although ever noticed that some lessons are ever so hard to learn? Such is the complex nature of learning, when we were children it was fairly easy to learn as long as it engaged us, but now we’re adults learning becomes more difficult. I guess this is where the whole ‘Can’t teach old dogs new tricks’ saying comes from but, as someone who has had dogs around since very early childhood, old dogs can learn new tricks but not necessarily as quickly as the young ones. Perhaps we should learn patience and persistance and to open our minds to what may be possible rather than probable. Children are to be envied in that last respect, they have little of the bias and prejudice we hold within us and so are able to accept things easier. Don’t mistake this open mindedness as gullibility, the two are not the same.

As for me? I have a couple of loose ends before I can make any sort of guess towards the future, besides, I’m never terribly resolute in keeping my resolutions so no hurry.




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