Who Am I? Part Deux

3 01 2011

I thought a little follow up to my previous post about having a bit of an identity crisis and how things have been since then.

How am I? Feeling… good. Ok, maybe not good, but definately not depressed. This may be an up phase, as I certainly feel (for want of a better word) good, not quite hypomanic per se but certainly feeling good. Thing is that it may be as a result of my thoughts taking a monumental shift, sort of like the identity crisis was the pressure build up and then my thoughts shifted like tectonic plates moving creating new land.

My thinking is relatively scientific, I tend to be agnostic in life as I accept the idea that everything is possible and as such cannot discount anything one way or another, it’s more a case of probability. So when faced with the concept that much of my personal outlook is based upon assumptions of what I am, then I must lower the priority of those assumptions significantly. What this means for me is that whilst I still don’t know who I am, I at least don’t have the negative press about myself to contend with. Don’t get me wrong, there are several things I’d like to change about myself and possibly about my life, even a key thought process is still in place, but at the moment I feel better about life.

As I said before this could be an upswing of my bipolar, it could also be a direct result of ths shift in self perception which would be awesome, the answer will only reveal itself after a little time. Either way, for the time being I’ll make hay whilst the sun shines and hopefully this will stand me in good stead during the darker times.

Time to explore what I like and don’t like.

Time to find me.




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