Random Title (Yes I’m Lazy)

7 01 2011

So, after wondering if my up was over and questioning myself and the thoughts behind them, I finally have the answer. Yes the up is over, and so I know what my moods were. This is great news!

I know for some of those who have manic depression that this may seem a little counter-intuitive but then it gives me a few more answers that I didn’t have before. Naturally, as soon as you have answers you find yourself with more questions but then that’s the way of learning. The point is that I’ve committed to a course of action which may or may not prove, at least in an empirical way, to be advantageous in efficacy. As such there’s no point thinking that something that may work, unless you can prove it then it doesn’t really count above all other treatments.

So yes, I am experimenting on myself, I wouldn’t ask anyone else to do this based on my own theories as I don’t know what the results will be. And seeing as I am one of the possible (I say possible as the diagnostic criteria for any psychological/psychiatric condition are not an exact science) candidates then it makes sense. I think that if you read many of the blogs on the internet that you’ll find people doing the same thing, finding their own way forward. What a resource this is, seeing what’s happening to various people as they continue their journey in their own way, enabling empirical evidence to help to shape the future of treatment by opening up real routes for the researchers to investigate.

All in all, hopefully by the end of the month I should be able to adjust my theory on manic depression slightly to reflect the new information that I have. Of course, if you have your own aspect, not just on manic depression as I believe the condition mirrors many others, then please, feel free to share and hopefully things can make a little more sense for people.




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