8 01 2011

If you’ve been following this blog for any time you’ll notice a couple of changes such as the look of the site. As is the joy of having a blog, it takes a bit of time to find a look that you can feel comfortable with, I don’t have huge amounts of time to play with graphics etc so have changed to one of the many templates offered by the gracious hosts. I hope you like the look.

Added to the site is a little Twitter feed, not entirely sure why but as I have Twitter it seemed like a good idea at the time. Below that is an ad for a socialvibe.com cause, the point of this is that you do a little something for the commercial partner (nothing financial I believe) and it helps out the charity. Unfortunately they only do international or american charities so I thought what the hell and went for one designed to help prevent self harm and suicide by providing a helpline.

Another update to the blog is to The Theory. This update was needed because I wasn’t happy with how I’d written portions of it, plus there was some valuable information to add into the mix to help things along a little.

Any comments, feel free to make them known, either by commenting on a post, tweeting me – @nullfuture – or emailing me – nullfuture@hotmail.co.uk – And now it’s time for me to get some sleep, been up way too long now.




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