Subconscious Conciousness

10 01 2011

One thing that cropped up a few years ago for me was a sleep associated disorder where I would talk in my sleep. It’s not a big deal for people normally as it’s just what happens, however I was referred to a specialist about it because of what was being said and the impact it was having.

For some reason I was talking in my sleep being very nasty towards my girlfriend who, being a litght sleeper, would be woken by my ramblings and actually having to listen to a tirade of abuse from me directed at her. Bizarrely I was even trying to phone females and having whispered conversations about how I wanted to get with them and was leaving my girlfiend.

Upon waking I’d see my girlfriend was visibly upset and ask her what had happened which she’d relay back to me. It got to the point where I was checking my phone to see if I’d actually dialled anyone, fortunately my sleeping self was unable to defeat the phone lock.

Thing is that this isn’t new to me, in so far as I have talked in my sleep for many years, although it actually happening is a rarity. Normally my talking is reserved for when I’m woken up and someone is telling me something, they’ll go away and later they’ll ask me about something talked about. Problem here being I was, as far as I know, asleep and the conversation never happened.

The logic of course is that talking in your sleep is the subconcious doing its thing and just so happens to involve talking out whatever it’s going through. If this is true then I have not a bloody clue what my subconcious is doing, to the point where I’ve even questioned having a dissociative disorder (I don’t think I do but that’s the level of confusion it causes for me).

Does anyone know what is going on in their subconcious? Is it responsible for far more than we know? Bloody frustraing question




One response

10 01 2011

I’ve developed the same habit in recent years. Most of what I say is unintelligible mutterings. But on a few occasions my words have rang out clear as a bell. My boyfriend’s favorite line was

“Livers don’t fall out of pussies.”

Yeah. What was my conscious or subconscious possibly thinking about when that fell out of my face?? Tell me being bipolar doesn’t put a little spice in your life!!

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