All the Kings Horses And All The Kings Men

11 01 2011

Couldn’t put Humpty together again, which just goes to show that if the King had the foresight to employ a woman or two, things wouldn’t have been so bad.

See, nursery rhymes can be educational.

I’m not writing this stuff for any purpose really, I’m just writing because I feel like writing and letting my fingers do the talking as it were.

What will happen next? I don’t know, that’s the fun of this and the fact that my thought processes are not involved, at least at a conscious level (I’m engaging it for spell checking so hopefuly this won’t look like alphabet soup on the screen), makes it an adventure as much for me as for the reader. Yay! Dora the Explorer would be proud assuming that cartoon characters for kids were capable of independent thought etc.

You might be wondering why I’m talking absolute rubbish, well that may just be because I’m normally talking rubbish or because engaging my brain at this time would be as fruitless an exercise as I really don’t wanna. Either way I think it’s fair to say that the fun I’m having at the moment will most likely end up with me going for a bit of self destruction which despite what some may say is not fun, and in my case, it’s not unpleasurable either, it just is what is.

Should I stop now? That would probably be the smart move but then I don’t feel smart at all, I just wanna get things done and stop fecking about. In theory I have hopes and aspirations but it’s quite likely that none of them wll happen (apart from the so called negative ones that I want).

Just for reference this wasn’t written whilst I was in a good mood, it was purely a case of my brain needing to vent. Thankyou and goodnight. I would say sweet dreams but who wants to dream of lollipops?




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