Bedtime Habits

12 01 2011

Some people go to sleep with a teddy bear, some with a hot water bottle. Some don PJs, some sleep in the buff. My new habit is having a bottle of whiskey, an empty glass, and some lemonade (used to drink whiskey neat but not right now) beside the bed. Not exactly a normal thing but then I’ve never been big on normal either by accident or by design.

Have I suddenly become an alcoholic? No, not so far, but I am becoming a fan of self medication by using alcohol. Ok, the obvious question is the ubiquitous ‘Why?’ so I might as well attempt an answer.

I’m not going through a good patch at the moment, I’m on a down part of my cycle having had a week of being up. This has been compounded by having some real bad stuff to deal with, the details of which I’m not going into, and having the joy of repetitive thoughts. It’s these repetitive thoughts and their content which makes life difficult and getting drunk helps calm things down.

Not really sure where I was going with this, I’m a bit lost for things to say. At least I can no identify ups as lasting about a week minimum, although at the moment I seem to be yo-yoing through my down phase. I dunno, maybe it’ll all make sense soon, and I haven’t actually had any of the whiskey (I have slurped some lemonade though).




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