Spring Clean

24 01 2011

Man, I feel knackered, who knew maintaining a blog would be so exhausting? I’ve been spending time altering the layout and introducing new bits to the blog which has taken hours to do and is only half way there at best. There’s a huge amount more to be done but I’m going to get on it.

Beyond that I really haven’t given more thought to the things that I should be thinking about, although I’m not terribly sorry about that. My ability to plan beyond a week is legendary in being poor at best, completely unable to at worst. I guess I really should get my act together some how but I can write off time spent today as doing exactly that as I want this going a bit better than it has, for my own peace of mind.

Yeah, I agree with you, a weak excuse.

Oh well, I best give things a go although it’s a little hard to concentrate on these things, my mind is only flowing a little at the moment but hey, such is life.

Ok, hopefully better blogging on the next one




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