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2 02 2011

So the last post was a sort of buh-bye to January with an eye to the future in a little way, kinda looking at changes. I think the saying the applies now is ‘Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it’.

Ok, so… I kinda did wish for change, nothing overt, more an internal thing. And what did I get? Well, I’m fairly sure I’m out of a job, my relationship with my girlfriend (yup she’s still real) is pettering out, if I’m not with my girlfriend then technically I’m homeless, my family in its entirity is basically going tits up.

A lot of change, a lot of change indeed.

So what now? Well, out of chaos comes order (see, Nietzsche had something worth contributing afterwards), which is a good way of saying that no matter how your wold detonates, it’ll come back together in some form. Leaving the sort of thinking you’d associate with people on some form of illegal high behind for a moment, I’m looking to different ways in which I can do things…

Ok, with regards to the stuff directly influencing me (job, girlfriend, home) I can work on solutions there in private because whilst you, dear reader, would like the juicy details it isn’t going to happen… yet at least.

‘Hang on, what about your family? Isn’t that something private?’ you way think to yourself… or say out loud seeing as I’ve just written it down. True, but then the thing is that there is a reason my family is going tits up and whilst you will be spared details, names etc, the point is that this reason is more or less the reason for this blog in the first place.

When doctors do their usual diagnostic session with you, they will typically look for a family history of mental illness because with things like manic depression it does tend to run in the family. From this you can probably discern that it runs in my family, the classic example is of maternal grandmother who had gone through the system back when the system was… brutal. However, since my first hospitalisation in September 2009 (note I don’t say diagnosis as I knew the term for what I had many years before the doctors said it) it has emerged that both side of the tree have a known history of bipolar, with several suspected to have a variation of it. So as you can see, kinda got hit both ways and why mental health and the various systems around it affect things quite impressively.

What am I going to do about it? Well… my normal process would be to spout off about it and then do sod all constructive for various reasons, usually an immense amount of apathy (something that’s plagued me throughout my life). Hey, why mess with a winning formula (New Coke? Pah!)?

I’d like to imagine a system whereby diagnosis, care, and treatment are carried out in a way which causes as little impact as possible to the person in order to maintain their life (as long as it’s not drug/alcohol etc dependent). Sort of like a mental health version of the ‘First, do no harm’. After that it would be a case of establishing a good enough reason to suggest implementation of the system, including a thought out costs/benefit analysis based on current spending within the NHS (apologies to those of you from outside the UK but I’ve got to prove it somewhere and as I live in the UK it’s easier to do).

Will it happen? Who knows, but I’ll give it a try. Oh, by the way, if you have suggestions, even if they’re a little out there, feel free to throw them my way. Perhaps, just perhaps, we can get this in within the five years.




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