He’s Makin’ It Up!

4 02 2011

A line from the Monty Python film Life Of Brian when people were listening to a sermon by Brian. Ok, he was, but then it’s one of those things, capture the imagination and people will follow suit.

Point? Well, guess that’s a multi-faceted comment about religion, society, and whoever keeps sending hits to my blog from a web page ending in 15-useful-wordpress-tips-to-make-your-theme-even-better. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a hit slut as much as the next blogger but I feel that I can’t really count these hits as being meaningful. Yeah, possibly being paranoid, possibly discounting loads of people interested in my blog… but I doubt it, especially as the domain name changes every now and then.

Anyway, the bigger picture is about this whole medium of interaction and about how easily we trust what essentially is an anonymous thing. Of course the vast majority of people out there do put more of themselves into what they put online, mostly because the anonymity runs both ways, you can’t see me and I can’t see you. But then you can extrapolate from this up to and including the real meaning of what is reality. Is what’s on the net real? The newspapers? TV? Outside the window? Outside your mind? Be warned, dear reader, that this way dragons lay and a mind which ponders upon this is sure to get a metaphorical bitch slap. Been there, done that, it aint healthy.

Dear god, I really have rambled on haven’t I, all without a seemingly valid purpose which means that linking to anything else is gonna take quite a stretch of the imagination.

A lot of our lives are governed by the analysis of situations, the vast majority of which we’re not aware of. However, if you started overanalysing then it can cause problems and then some. Common ones are about germs and risks, not helped by stupid marketing campaigns by chemical manufacturers or by sensationalising news of things that have happened. Reality is another, possibly inspired by me seeing as I mentioned it, as is how genuine people are online.

Thing is that sometimes you just have to accept what is and continue with life without letting paranoia interfere and get you overanalysing the minutae of life, save it for the big problems.




One response

7 02 2011
Rachael Black

No such thing as a single reality. Newspapers, TV, websites only print what their editors/owners want to say. forget about what may be going on in the rest of the world, or even an opposing point of view.
This is why my only source of ‘news’ is FARK.com

When I first saw the title of your post I thought of the Eddie Izzard bit… And this is where the soldiers were housed, and this was the ballroom…They’re Makin’ it up!
Forgot about the Life of Brian line -grin-.
Dig that movie btw. Watch it every Easter heh.

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