Posting…. Again

10 02 2011

Well hello there once again, it’s time for my self inflicted diatribe to continue, self inflicted because I decided to post every other day, regardless of whatever is going on. I acknowledge that this may end up wth me posting some utter tripe or some very short posts but the thing is that I also have a minimum of 250 words to do and the idea is that in time, if nothing else, the quality should improve.

Why am I doing this? Blogs are like many things on the internet, I remember the days when the web was full of personal websites with Geocities, AOL, Yahoo, and the like allowing anyone a little space to call their own. Thing is that whilst our opinions seem important to us, it doesn’t necessarily follow that others will feel the same. If you are a regular reader of this site then I appreciate it, I know from my stats that there aren’t many and that a proportion of those are from sites who want me on their site.

Surreal thing at the moment is that I’m blogging to you about my deal with myself to blog to you.

Anyway, a couple of changes to things are that I’m using trusty and very readable ‘Arial sans serif’ font because I didn’t like the default, which means I’ve had to learn a little code in order to make it happen. Get me being all technical. Another link added to my list of places on the right, yep, over that way —>

Are you counting words to see how I’m doing?

I know this isn’t the best post I’ve ever done but the thing is that there are those who do look at this site and so we huddle together in the shelter of the internet, clustering around ideas to see what works and what doesn’t. Hopefully some of the things I say challenge you, far more than inspire you I’d go for challenge for whilst inspired people can achieve great things, those faced with a challenge achieve so much more.

For those keeping count – 348




One response

10 02 2011
Rachael Black

Good for you! sometimes just the act of writing is enough to inspire us. As you mentioned, the idea of writing every other day is a challenge to so many people suffering from depression.
Gah, it’s a challenge many days to get out of bed, take a shower and go into another room.

Geocities! That was where I first learned to begin coding. Flashback -grin-

You’ve also reminded me… My site is due for a post today. Hmmmm what topic to rant on today?

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