Building Blocks

13 02 2011

I seem to having one of those times where I’m posting every day but then most of it is the kinda of stuff I write when I’m thinking of myself and the stuff going through my personal life. This one will get back to the reason I started this blog in the first place.

So, thanks to the power of Twitter, I get some interesting information with which to play, some of it very interesting, some of it a case of ‘Well no shit Sherlock’. Thing is that regardless of what it is, every piece is part of the jigsaw, some of them small and relatively meaningless, some of it a corner or a bit that’s quite important in its own way. Remember these are the building blocks (see, the title was going somewhere) on which the future treatment of bipolar will be based.

I think that at the moment there is room for a recap on everything that has gone before, traditionally an end of year thing but I’m in the mood to do it now.

So, here we are, eight months, give or take from where I started, and there’s been a lot of education on my part about what it really is about the beautiful hell we live in. In day to day life, those with any form of mental health problem have to tackle the symptoms of their condition, the feelings about memories from past exploits, the lives of others they care about, the stigma from anyone who knows the typical minimal amount about mental health, and the various issues from the health and social care services.

Big list huh. Is it any wonder people have problems?

On a more scientific note, I think that there has been some definite advances in the field, and there will continue to be some significant stuff going on. A fair amount of work is going in to understanding bipolar, it’s origin, it’s function, it’s prevalence. My thing is about getting treatment as the thing is that people are real, not just numbers or patients, or test subjects, they’re real and the stuff that they’re going through (as mentioned above) is what matters. I leave the science of mental health to others because I don’t have the facilities myself to influence medical research but more because I feel that there’s enough to draft proposals which should help cut the suffering of a significant proportion whilst not being any more expensive in the long term view.

So, the new week begins soon and so I have to get my shit together in order to ask some interesting questions to people who apparently know more than me. I’ll keep you posted if you’re interested.




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