Rapidily Stabilising Instability

4 03 2011

Well wasn’t that a fun post dear reader, full of happy times and the like. So, in the glaring light of a nights sleep (a rarity in itself, normally sleep through the morning) and a new day what do I want to change my tune?

No, not a word of it, I stand by everything because all that’s changed is that I’m more stable now and able to look at things a little more… rationally. Ok this then kinda begs the question of what slant my rationality has wrought on the situation. So let’s get to it.

Considering that even with my mind in full stability mode I stand by what I put in my last post, it would belogic to think there’s not much to add. Now I’ve said that then logic follows that there is more to come. It’s nothing major… ok it’s a little major but then you be the judge of what qualifies as major. In approximately two months time I will be leaving these fair shores for an undetermined amount of time. Yes dear blogosphere inhabitant, NullFuture is going global. I don’t mean that in the metaphorical sense either as I’m going to go round the world. Why? Why not? I like to travel and this is something I actually find myself in a position to do.

Do I have a plan? Do I have funds? What hell? Feel free to add your own questions as I will answer them at some point. In the meantime I have to get onto Katie Goode’s site and catch up on missed lessons on sorting out my anxiety related issues before I off and away.




2 responses

6 03 2011
Rachael Black

If you make it to the west coast of the US -specifically Reno, Nevada- the last week of August then you must plan on attending Burning Man. It is truly one of the only things that keeps me alive.

Glad that you’re making a move. Change is hard and that includes decisions!

7 03 2011

Hmm, very tempting, very very tempting, it does look awesomely cool. Problem is, Nevada in August, I’m guessing it gets a touch… warm, not something I’m great at dealing with. Hell, it hits 70 here and I’m usually looking for the shade of a cool dark room. I’ll see what my travel plans are like nearer the time as I’m taking it as it comes kinda thing.

You’re right about change being hard, the idea for it tends to be easy, the initial spark of inspiration I mean, something I’m good at. However, following it through is my weak spot and so getting as far as I’ve got in the process is an achievement in itself. I’m not gonna lie, I’m apprehensive about it but then change taken by yourself is a pretty scary prospect.

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