Yay For The Fuzzy Head

9 03 2011

Yanno, when I started this blog the intention was to something good, something constructive within the bipolar ‘verse (little browncoat reference there). I doubt I’ve been of that much use but it’s been an interesting ride all the same. Thing is that it is changing and, whilst the advice is always to stick within a narrow field, I feel that I’m still doing such a thing yet allowing a view into life expanded. Does that make sense?

So, in under two months time I shall begin my big adventure, embarking on a journey around the world which hopefully will take at least five months. I’ll try to be online as much as I can, posting my thoughts thanks to my Palm Pre with it’s awesome webOS (if you don’t know about webOS then I can say that it’s a joy to use and I’m so looking forward to the new devices coming out).

The point of my travels is, let me just count… threefold. My primary thing was to go exploring, I’ve always enjoyed travel and so the opportunity has arisen therefore why not go for it. After that, (remember that there is no real order to these, it’s just the way I’m thinking of them) it’s about showing that you can travel light and stay in contact with a decent smartphone, and about kinda seeing where my bipolar takes me whilst I’m on this adventure. It’d be interesting, although I don’t see this being the major thing, how other countries handle their mental unwell, see how it compares to the UKs ‘drug em up n f#$* em off’ policy that seems to be in effect.

Yeah that may be harsh but then it’s my experience I’m going on so feel free to change my mind.

Anyway, the build up to the adventure is coming and I’ve kinda got an idea how long I’m going to be able to go for, commiting to at least three months although I’m hoping it goes much further both time and distance wise. Around the world is my intention but then there’s plenty to stop that from happening, I’m really just going with the flow… best way to go I reckon.

Any further recommendations for travel would be most welcome as there’s no plan, only ideas.




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9 03 2011

Hi 😀

I found you thru the good ol MDF site….WOW I did not know you were going travelling….cant wait to hear/read all about that. Have you got an Itineray ??(excuse me for not reading the rest of the blog yet, I may be there/here for days the ol brain is not concentraiting at the moment….I will try because it looks like you have loads on here)

So your opinion is that it appears ‘we’ in the uk are drugged up and fu*ked off….I could not agree more….I mean from experience and all that! So I wont be trying to change your mind……maybe someone out there under a different trust to myself get different/better care. Are you medicated…..Im not sure if I have asked this before or not so hey ho I’ll ask anyway?

And now i have found your blog….I can follow….YIPPEEEEEEEEEE
x x x

9 03 2011

Hi Lotte and welcome to my little space 🙂

Yeah, travelling, no itinery set, all I know is when I catch the Eurostar over to France, beyond that I have no plan at all, just a matter of seeing how far I can go with however much money I have. Round the world would be cool but there’s limitations financially.

Take your time with the site, there’s no hurry, any questions then just ask away. I will be adding some more stuff at some point in order to flesh out the bipolar info a bit.

Am I medicated? No, not any more, took myself off them about six months ago (without doctors advice but then a- they were too busy to see me, and b- I took a risk which didn’t backfire too badly). I’m not anti meds as such, I just believe that their use is for times of crisis, to allow you to get stable and get what help you need. Dosages and changing of meds get to me as I’ve seen some bizarre meds decisions by doctors which don’t make much sense so that’s where you’ll find me getting annoyed.

Hope you feel a little calmer tomorrow, and good luck with your discharge meeting, just be honest with them.


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