Pre Palming

23 03 2011

Hello peeps. How are you? Hope you’re well and relatively stable per se. Right, this isn’t a big post but I felt the need to expand on part of my travel series just to spread the love for something.

As I stated, I’m looking to recount all my tales about my adventures, as well as any of the thoughts I have about the things that interest me, on my smartphone partially as it’s about saving weight and partially showing how advanced technology is nowadays. When I announced the actual make and model of my phone I could almost hear the resounding ‘Huh? What’s that?’ from the readers. You’re forgiven because it’s not a common phone and certainly not taking a bg share of the common market place.

So what is a Palm Pre?

If you’ve had the fun of using an iPhone, Blackberry, Windows 7 phone, or an Android powered phone you’ll know about smartphones and, to a degree, what they’re capable of. The Palm Pre was launched to a little fanfare and afterwards it received mixed results. Why? Hardware. There’s a lot of technical specs which meant the Pre was behind out of the gate, a smaller screen, a low resolution camera, a slower processor, it really did look like a terrible decision. However, Palm had a reputation for quality devices which came from years of producing PDAs, and so they had instant fans. I wasn’t one of these people as I’d never owned a Palm device before. I’d owned plenty of their competitors back in the days of PDAs such as Psions, HP Jornadas, and the real powerhouse of the day the Compaq iPaq, but never a Palm.

So with all the tech specs going against them, why did people stick with them? The User Interface (UI) is why. All devices run on an operating system, Apple has iOS, many manufacturers have either Android or Windows 7, and of course there’s whatever the hell RIM put on their Blackberrys. All of these I’ve tried and I must admit that none comes close to the webOS experience, it really is a joy to use, the closest you’ll get is on an Apple device but even so it’s not as good as webOS.

Yes I’m aware I’m in danger of sounding like a fanboy but sod it, it’s a damn good system and it sucks that it suffers from poor buisness decisions. Hmm, I wonder if any Palm/HP people will be reading this? Doubt it but then if they are then they know what their customer base think of their decision to release devices several months after they announce and demonstrate them.

Anyway, like I said, the UI is that good and I dunno about you but a keyboard I can operate normally tends to be better than one of those on-screen jobs, at least till you get to a good size screen. Also, how’s your web design skills? webOS is called webOS because the basic system is based on linux and the main ability to program relies on using HTML5 and Java. This means that if you can build a web page you can build an app for the Pre. Add to this that there is a lot of room to play and an improving developers community, then things become even easier for you to maybe etch your name into appdom like the other big names like Rovio and Zeephree.

To wrap up this whole fanboy thing, possibly the biggest advantage the Pre has over everything else is the lack of disdain for the hackers. Thanks to people such as webOsinternals, and the Precentral community, you can now pimp your Pre more than anything else, overclocking the processor from the original 600Mhz up to 1Ghz, have it on any network you like, get it running however you want. It’s the start of having the phone you want rather than the phone you’re stuck with. Yes it’s true that this a huge amount of technical stuff that many people just don’t want the hassle of but then it’s about catering for both the mass market who want something they can pick up and use, and the tech market who want to push things a bit more and get more done. By encouraging development like this companies such as Palm/HP can really advance phones, far faster, far better than their competition who just want to be looking nice etc.

God I am a fanboy aren’t I? But then I’ve always backed the tech I believe in, and I believe in this platform, perhaps not for the same reasons the parent company HP do, but mostly for the advancement potential it holds. That it’s a way to break the idea that a stranglehold on your users access to tech is a good idea doesn’t hurt (listening there Apple?).



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24 03 2011
Rachael Black

ooooh I Love new toys. Have never seen one of these but will look for one next time I’m out just to see how it functions.

25 03 2011

It’ll be a tough call on finding one, I know Sprint did sell them and Verizon have allegedly got some but it really is a backwater kinda phone. There should be more coming out this summer, the Veer, Pre3, and the TouchPad so you may have to wait to play.

Btw, one of the tricks of the TouchPad is that if you’re browsing a website and want to share that URL with your phone for whatever reason, you just touch the phone to the TouchPad, and the page will load up automatically. Yes it’s geeky but it’s cool geeky.

28 03 2011

Hey….How are you…not seem you about for a while….just checking…was/am worried x x x

28 03 2011

Hey Lotte, good to see you again.

Not posted for a few days because… to be honest, not really had much to blog about, mind has been a blank, but I think things will get back to normal soon 🙂 Get the feeling I may have something to play with.

Keep safe hun

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