Historical Madness

29 03 2011

Ok, so a small sojourn from blogging whilst my mind did its thing (not a lot) and now I’m back. Yay!

Anyway, my last MH post was about the trend of posthumously assigning mental health disorders to people, both good and bad. I did say that there are people who are well enough documented in their behaviours etc for us to make such assumptions but they really are the very small minority. Leading on from that, I’m thinking about how far back into history mental health goes. Is it important? Erm, from a diagnostic standpoint, not in the slightest. From a historical point and from an anti-stigma perspective, perhaps.

With scientists and researchers looking at a likely genetic precursor for many mental health conditions, it’s fair to say that consensus of opinion would support the idea that MH has been with us for millenia rather than cednturies or decades. This is because to effect a genetic change within a human normally takes a couple of generations at least (that’s if you’re trying), then to disseminate it throughout the globe over a population with very little in common requires several hundred generations. Already we’re looking at the thick end of 1,000 years of history, so point proven I think.

Thing is that regardless of how weird we may all be, those of us with a MH diagnosis, we’ve been about for a long time and are an indelible part of humanity. Whilst there are those who say MH people are responsible for some terrible things, it’s possible to show that we’re capable of extraordinarily good things. If you want to take theorising to the extreme then you could say that without mental healths quirks, our species would never have got down from the trees in the first place (debate rages as to whether this was a good thing in the first place or not).

I’m sure someone will seize on this kind of idea for their own purposes and ignore the inate entwined nature of the two sides. Their choice. My point is that we are discovering something in the past century or so which has gone on for significantly longer, perhaps back to our beginnings. For those who consider themselves ‘normal’ to deride those of us who aren’t is normal, as difference is always shunned. However, there will be a time, sooner rather than later, when the idea of ‘normal’ includes mental health, and a crisis is likened to having the flu, never pleasant but not something to be worried about.

Hey, I can dream.




2 responses

29 03 2011

Ay we can all dream,crisis like the flu……more chance of winning the lotto 🙂

29 03 2011

Hey, I’ll take either to be honest 🙂

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