The Art Of Walking

29 03 2011

1) Stand up – Easier said than done sometimes but is the most comfortable way of doing it.

2) Lift leg – It’s not important which leg you lift and you only need to lift it so your foot is off the floor.

3) Swing leg forward – Preferably the leg you lifted in step 2. Don’t resist the urge to let your body follow, this is the point… unless you want to go backwards.

4) Put foot down – This should be not be back in the same place as you started or behind you. Anywhere in front of you is good, as long as it’s on firm solid ground (if you wish to walk on anything else, such as water, then wait for our advanced course, coming soon).

5) Move your weight onto the front foot – This is easier said than done but take your time, it’ll work.

6) Swing rear foot forward – Very similar to number 3 but with the other foot. Follow steps 4, 5, and 6 untill you get to where you want to go.

Congratulations! You’re walking!Ok, ok, most of us know how to walk and have done for a while now. So what could be technical about walking?

For my adventure I’m thinking that I’ll spend part of it walking along for one reason for another so I did a little training in order to see what’s what. Turns out that whilst putting one foot in front of the other is as easy as it gets, doing it over distance for several days is pretty damn hard!

Dispelling myth time. Walking pace is 4-5mph. No. Hell no. I’ve managed 5 mph and it’s extremely exhausting within a short period of time. In tests I’ve managed 3.5mph on tarmac over various inclines. It’s tough but doable for about two hours, but that’s without loading me up with 10kg of kit in the full glare of the sun (I don’t do well in heat).

So I’ve learned a few things like trying to plan for about 15 miles a day in pure walking, and taking good care of my feet. All in all, it’s about endurance rather than speed, to quote a motorsport adage ‘To finish first, first you have to finish’. Does that work? Hmm, tenuous, but you get the idea.



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