Musical Pain And Pleasure

31 03 2011

Music is something I love and I have an eclectic mix playing, from hard rock and metal to soft piano or dance music, all I know is that music needs soul, I need to feel it as much as hear it (I’ve been known to stand right in front of the speakers in clubs). What music I like tends to be dictated by my mood, but then sometimes the music dictates my mood.

It’s hard for me to listen to this, partially for the lyrics, partially for the beauty of the vocalist. Perhaps I’m just a big girl, who knows but it just makes my heart ache every time I listen to it, and I do listen a few times in a row.

There are then times when I like to switch it up and I listen to some old skool dance or something by David Guetta (I Gotta Feeling by Black Eyed Peas works very well). However, for demonstration of how something which shows unrequited love in the video but still keeps you happy, I give you;

Ok, now I’m up, the world isn’t great but then I’m feeling like an insignificant piece of shit awash on the currents of life. Is this normal? Good question, all I know is my own experience, how about you? Do tunes affect your outlook?




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31 03 2011

Definitely. I’m really into rock, metal and, right now, symphonic metal. Certain tunes (Metallica mainly) sometimes bring out and spur on some sort of bestial rage in me. Current flavour of the month is Sirenia, but their stuff is often very dark; I identify with it greatly and love the music, but it’s not good stuff to listen to whilst depressed.

And then you have Queen, my favourite band. They have some really uplifting songs that cam brighten all but the very worst day, but their nature was so diverse that by the same token, there are plenty that would make you sad. Sad rather than depressed, I think, but still not ‘good’.

Anhedonia has robbed me of a lot of things that I used to enjoy, but I still have one activity in which I take pure, unadulterated pleasure, and that’s driving with loud rock blaring. It’s possibly the only thing that makes me feel properly ‘alive’. It’s a wonderful and visceral experience.

I could have summed this up much more quickly than I have done – yes, I think that in geneal, music boosts my mood. In fact, I might try to do nothing tomorrow other than this to it, to see if I can get some sort of grip on myself 🙂

31 03 2011

Yup, driving to loud rock works for me, personally I risk damage to hearing by getting the volume as loud as I can get it, I’d go to 11 if I could. Btw, look up Finch and Time To Burn, good one for full volume hits, has a strange effect on the listener too (at least from my perspective).

31 03 2011
Rachael Black

Good tunes! Music is my life -smile-. Played in everything from punk bands in the late 70’s and early 80’s to Jazz bands, worked piano bars in NYC and La playing standards (Gershwin, Cole Porter, etc). About the only thing I don’t like is metal. Guess what my boyfriend’s favorite is lol.
Thanks for sharing the tunes.

31 03 2011

The tunes dont affect my outlook….my outlook affects my tunes.

Im depressed I listen to really depressing songs….like Immortal from Evanescence, Coldplays Fix you, Snowpatrol or Leona Lewis’s Run

When high I listen to a lot of Dance Music and Rock…really loud thru the Ipod so no doubt I’ll be deaf soon!!!

Probably back to front really either way Im feeding the mood 😦

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