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31 03 2011

I’m aware that my reader base is not huge but I thought that I’d ask your opinion on something anyway.

Should I continue with my travel posts?

I ask this as I see that what I’m writing is moving away from the whole mental health field in some respects whilst I write my travel posts. Perhaps I should start another blog for that stuff and leave this blog for mental health things. Additionally, as I’ll probably end up not being able to post for a few days at a time, depending on network coverage etc, I’m thinking that I’d like someone else to join in on this blog to maintain it and provide posts whilst I’m otherwise engaged.

Naturally I don’t know what’s best for me to do as I’m never confident about my own stuff (let’s not get started on that just yet dear reader) so I really do value your opinions. What should I do?




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31 03 2011
Rachael Black

Depends on what the road calls for. I used td to maintain two blogs: one for my mental illness and one for the everyday foibles, weirdness, and amusement of life.
Haven’t been keeping up on the mental health blog, but am thinking of writing on it again.

You can always start your travel blog while on the road. Or, you may find that your mindset affects your travel to the extent that you will still only require this one.
Tough question Null.

31 03 2011

My humble opinion….just keep the one….the travelling may affect you MH anyway and you might find yourself repeating things from one blog to another. I have 3 on the go…one is dead, the other I update lots and lots and the 3rd well its for my Art Stuff so gets updated on a very slow basis! It can be a pain keeping on top of them all 🙂

31 03 2011

Like Rachael, I used to maintain two blogs (the second is currently up the left, but I’ll fix it one of these days). But I also agree with lotte that travel may affect your mental health, so I see no problem with just keeping one.

You could always set up a second one and see where it goes; it’s free after all (unless you self-host), so there’s nothing to lose really 🙂

31 03 2011

Fair play guys, thanks for your input 🙂 I think that if I were to get assistance on this blog from someone, to keep it more focussed then I’d go for the two blogs as maintanence isn’t a problem. The software on my phone means that I’d be able to write a draught then transfer it over to whichever blog I want and upload. Course if I’m doin it on my own then one blog is much easier to maintain and I’l just let it take its course, wherever it goes. Hmm, an interesting symmetry there so it’s certainly looking a viable way. Plus I may be able to offload some of the data onto someone elses site so this becomes a more personal site than I envisaged initially. Lots to think about 🙂

2 04 2011

why are you asking others? I think there’s a real danger in therapy/MH blogging that your audience becomes too invested in you being ill. I’ve not got into yours properly yet (the world ended for a while) but have eg *loved* the research angle. Am I objectively able to say anything that threatens that? Also, the loss of blogs causes anguish- you’ve got more chance of maintaing something if it remains relevant to your life, whether that’s as a mental/ex-mental.

End of the day, your blog has to be your own journey, and parallel paths eg travel are an important reflection of that, if your journey is of attaining/maintaining health rather than being a marytr to the mental-lite crowd living vicariously through your shit (as I worry happens with the likes of Serial Insomniac and Blooming Lotus- both of which I worry I’ve abused availability of myself). So my crappy little take will be to use the categories to develop different themes, and at some point (to spare the ‘audience’ a date-ordered display which makes it all look a bit schizoid) will find/develop a multi-category platform for wordpress.

2 04 2011

Why do I ask others? Because for some reason I always struggle with inspiration when it comes to my own stuff, I can only do it in an abstract way for some reason.

You do raise some interesting points so I think I’ll look into adjusting how my blog is set up so that I can compartmentalise between the two sections and then be able link them if needs be.

Btw, feel free to say anything you like, it is a free (despite what others may try) world and I’m about as direct as they come so I appreciate it in others.

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