The Note

1 04 2011

It’s fair to say that by now, if you’ve read much of this blog, you’ll have a fair idea of what I’m like. Time to expand things a touch.

One thing is for sure, I’m used to the darker things in life and thanks to the psychotic nature of my mind, I will always have times where I see things happening which I know aren’t real, sort of an augmented reality as what I think overlays onto reality. It could be argued that watching American Werewolf in London when I was young (preteen I think) had a major effect on me, all I know is that the film scared the shit out of me for many years. I was given Robocop (an 18 certificate in the UK) for my 15th birthday and enjoyed it, even appreciating the jokes in it.

Perhaps all this explains my taste in cinematic, and my psychotic times (although I’m not sure I can call them such), adventures. Although perhaps I should detail some of the stuff I like because, as with my taste in music, it’s eclectic.

First, time to annihilate any preconception of me not being a nice guy. I’ve seen High School Musical (I was bored, there was nothing on and I wondered what the fuss was about) and I liked it. No I’m not gay, no I’m not a girl, yes I am a grown (in the physical sense at least) man, but it was well written, the actors weren’t given anything strenuous to do and it had the typical Disney sugar coated ending. A feel good film. I also enjoy films like Wall-E (awesome film) and a variety of the Studio Ghibli films. Very tame so far isn’t it, so I guess I should move to the darker side as it were (or the grown up side if you wanna say it that way).

I’m not a horror fan per se, I’ve seen Saw and, truth be told, it did nothing for me. Other horror films I always wondered why the director thought that killing off the hot babe was a good idea, always made me think that they wanted to say something about beauty or about how they hated girls who turned them down in the past. Where’s the fun in that? Anyway, despite the waste of the Jason films, the original Nightmare On Elm Street worked very well, as did the original Scream which introduced new ideas not really explored since Clockwork Orange, the idea of ‘I do it because… I want to’.

Unsurprisingly I like foreign cinema, something which influences Hollywood so much. Seen Taxi with Queen Latifah n Jimmy Fallon? Pales to insignificance to its french originator, so much better. The Ring? Adapted from a japanese series which was low on budget, low on effects, but high on psychological tension. The Departed? Epic film which is one of the few to rival the original which was Infernal Affairs from Hong Kong. Korea produces some interesting films, not fussed about a happy Hollywood ending, they do it as it would be, producing outstanding films such as Oldboy and The Chaser.

Ok, time for something else, a recommendation apart from everything mentioned above…

Death Note

If you’ve not heard of this, and why would you if you’re not a big anime fan, it’s an animated series (and live action film) based on a manga book of the same name. The premise is that seventeen year old Light comes into possession of a Death Note, dropped by a bored god of death. Whoevers name is written inside the Death Note will die. There are load of other rules included but they’re not important. So Light embarks on a killing spree of epic proportions, determined to rid the world of crime, within a few months racking up over 200 kills. Of course there will be a chase by the authorities, but even this is not straightforward as L the investigator becomes involved.

What do you think so far? If you need any other encouragement to watch the animated version then I’ll tempt you with the theme songs from the second series (it only went for two as the story went that long). Be warned, these are not happy songs so the more genteel amongst you may want to pass this by.

Opening theme – What’s up People by Maximum The Hormone, stay tuned for the most epic ending to a song in a long time.

End credits song – Zetsubou Billy by Maximum The Hormone.




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1 04 2011

I watch very, very few films these days, of any genre. However, as a huge H P Lovecraft fan, I’m actually making my way tonight to see a selection of novella-based films made by the Lovecraft Society. I still think that, in writing terms at least, Lovecraft defines the horror genre, so it’ll be interesting to see how that translates onto screen.

A Clockwork Orange is my favourite book of all time. I thought the film was a reasonable adaptation, but it frustrated me that they changed the ending to suit their own means.

To be honest, I often find horror films amusing, because they’re so far-fetched. The ones that freak me out tend to be the older, more plot-driven ones – the ones where the plot could happen in real life, rather than only in a nightmare (or, indeed, in a psychotic episode – of course, given that same is a frequent affliction of mine these days, perhaps my view will have changed somewhat!).

2 04 2011

Never read Lovecraft, never heard of it till your mention to be fair, but may just give it a try. How were the films?

I find that a lot of times people try to go for shock factor over truly disturbing. As with many things in life it’s better to hint rather than to flat out show… unless it’s real. Example is the scene in Reservoir Dogs where Michael Madsen gets busy with the cops ear, you don’t see it but your mind fills n the blanks and it’s far more effective.

I think that some of the far fetched stuff can work but it’s down to how the film is made that makes the difference.

2 04 2011
Rachael Black

As a musician I love virtually all genres of music, and have played them as well. From punk to pop to blues to Jazz to original indie rock tunes. the only type of music I’ve never had an affinity with is metal. So, guess what my boyfriend’s fave is lol.

Was hesitant to play the videos but since you’re a gentleman and a scholar I did. Enjoyed the second song the most. With enough beer and friends I’d dance to them -grin-. Lots of great Asian bands the last few years, don’t you think?

as for movies the only genre I’m not into is,,,,, anime!

First time I saw clockwork Orange was in college. It disturbed me so much gthat I coulnd’t watch it again for 10 years. I totally agree with Pandora that the book is great -but a bitch to read the first time. Have th edition with the original British ending. Very cool.
Love everything from Casablanca to Harold Lloyd, Tarretino to indie documentaries. dig the Coen Brothers.

Used to LIVE for horror flicks, but after my daughter was born there was some kind of genetic change in my body. Find them too disturbing now. This coincided with the onset of my bi-polar diagnosis though. Hmmmmm.
Another coincidence.. just watched all of the SAW movies. Yep, the BF owns them heh. They were so over the top and campy that it was no biggie.

2 04 2011

Harold Lloyd was a god! Just outstanding stuff and, to bring the wrath of my fellow brits, better than Charlie Chaplin… at least in my eyes.

Glad you were able to hack the songs, least you were warned beforehand 🙂

2 04 2011

Death Note is amazing. Actually the inspiration for my name. 🙂 Glad to see someone else knows what the heck it is.

2 04 2011

Hey Kira, it’s a bit underground isn’t it, but my curious tastes in films led me to the live action films, after which I got the anime boxset. Hell, even got my own Death Note book. I’ll try to keep converting people to it (although not the US dub version of anime, swear the pick people who can’t act)

13 04 2011

Deathnote…awesome awesome film, I have both 🙂 and collect lots and lots of Manga…the best being Akira!! Lainie x x x

13 04 2011

Akira was awesome stuff, truly awesome

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