Back On The Music

13 04 2011

Damn I’m on a blogging blitz at the moment. If you’re getting a little tired of it I understand but I thought I would do a little sharing on the joys of music once again because, to be honest, it’s a fairly constant good thing in my life.

As I discussed before, there is pain and pleasure to be found in music, its ability to influence us is significant, both for good and bad. Films, tv, any form of entertainment in fact, wouldn’t be the same without it. From my own experience I’d rather go into a pub where music is playing rather than where there’s just chat, it just, I dunno, seems like there’s more noise when it’s just chatter.

I remember seeing a documentary where they showed what it was like seeing something with and without music, it really was surpising how much of a difference it made. I can example this in a very good way by showing you this video which was an advert for a game, blended well by a fan with System Of A Downs Chop Suey. (Quick note, the video only plays on Youtube for some damn reason but it’s worth a look)

That was, at least to mind, perfectly matched, and would still make an ad worth watching today (the game is now defunct). However, for the sad stuff it’s equally powerful. This next video… be warned, whilst it’s images from the show House there are scenes of self-harm so, if you have difficulty in any way with that then either don’t play it or don’t watch whilst you listen. Also, for those who haven’t seen it, the blonde in the lab coat is a hallucination of House of his best friends dead girlfriend. Enjoy… if that’s the right word.

I don’t know about you but that’s… I don’t have words for it. It… I actually tried to keep typing this whilst watching it but couldn’t. Anyway, the song is Lose You by Pete Yorn.

Right, time to keep the same pace but change the attitude a bit. This next one is one I remember from a while ago which was brought back to the surface when Goingthroughhell on Twitter was listening to Coast 2 Coast (an american thing I think) and came across a song she liked and wanted to know who it was, she sent out a shout on Twitter to see if anyone knew it. Yup, I dived in and said it was this version of Somewhere Over The Rainbow by Israel ‘IZ’ Kamakawiwo’ole, have a listen.

Gorgeous stuff, the video I chose actually features the funeral of Iz, kinda fitting tribute I guess.

Ok, so it’s been an up n down thing but what kinda person would I be if I didn’t bring you back up at least a bit more? The final video is from our friends Maximum The Hormone with Mega Lover. Yes, I know that J-Metal isn’t everyones cup of tea but give this one a bit of a chance and it might surprise you a little.

How was that? Not quite a good night song but then you can always repeat the Iz track to send you off in good spirits, it works for me. Gnight.




One response

13 04 2011

Can’t believe three out the four videos are blocked from playback on this site. Apologies for that guys, hopefully it wasn’t too inconvenient for you. Kinda spoilt the moment though.

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