Persykick Crikey

17 04 2011

I love this title, it’s sorta sounding like I’m drunk but I’m not (doesn’t mean I can’t work on it tho). For those who think I am still suicidal… not so much atm, just trying to think but then would I be blogging if I wasn’t thinking?

Ok, the more astute amongst you will know that me + thinking = all sorts of trouble so not thinking will certainly be a pleasant alternative.

So it’s three weeks till I head off to the wilds of France, course there’s things to do but then this is a little pleasant aside until we actually get to the crux of the title which as ever shows what I end up talking about in a slightly convoluted way.

Do you believe in ghosts? UFOs? Psychics? God? An honest politician? Myself I’m an agnostic, I accept the possibility of the existence of these things but assign each a level of probability based on what I know and/or believe. All the above I feel have low probability, especially God, ghosts, and honest politicians.

Psychics, I feel, are not likely although it would appear that some people are like the character Patrick Jane in The Mentalist. People who notice things like in Psych, spot the details and understand how people work… to a degree at least, enough to make a proper difference and influence situations.

It would be fair to assume that there is a good minority of these people about and most just find it strange, some use it for non altruistic means, and some are just plain predators. What kind of predators? I would say, as the idea is to understand, identify, and exploit, that it would be sexual predators in the main (men being what they are) with fiscal issues being next.

What makes me curious is to how these people actually function. Is it a matter of lack of empathy along with a little trauma early on? I know nature starts you off when nurture exacerbates things, could this be the case why we have paedophilia etc?

Curious curious.



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17 04 2011
Rachael Black

Hmmm I must put on my thinking took for this,
It has been proven that many killers (in particular serial killers) are not insane or psychotic.
So I am going to the nurture (or lack thereof) to explain these behaviors. and this doesn’t necessarily mean the parents.
We had an incident here in the ‘states’ known as Columbine -named after the school where this murderous spree took place.

the bottom line for the killing rampage by two high school students running riot and killing teachers and kids indiscriminately was due to ..bullying.
In fact the first to be shot down were the ‘jocks,’ Those studly athletes well known for such ‘pranks’; as flushing a nerd’s head in the toilet, pushing down the geeks i..e. unpopular kids or overly intelligent kids into heaps in the hallways and of course the old favorite, verbal abuse

I was one of these nerd/geeks. But although I Imagined my tormentors crushed by a bus or deveoping fatally scarring acn tha;s s far as it got. Day dreams.

So you bring up a interesting point. IF the parents paid more attention woukd things such as this e avoided.
or it it a combo. Made easier by the proliferation if guns, Not gor hunting dinner anymore nit for hunting people..
All in all I think it comes down to more nature than nurture.

Bit what do I know. Hell, I can’ even fit all of the bodies under the floorboads any more. Should have thought ahead. And read your blog first;

17 04 2011

Null, Glad you are ok…..I was worrying and contemplating making contact by other means πŸ™‚

I suppose we just have to ride out the waves of our moods! Easier said than done.

3 weeks til you go……OMG I did not realise that it was so near…..I cant wait to hear about your adventures πŸ™‚

x x x

17 04 2011

Hey Rachael, thinking again are ya? Dangerous passtime that, I try to avoid it as much as possible. However, I think that nature gives people the potential, whilst nurture gives them the limitations. No, having gun proliferation isn’t a great thing from the aspect of trying not to make it easy to kill people but then as the saying goes, guns don’t kill people, people kill people. You can tell if I get into the US one thing I wanna do is hit a shooting range can’t ya.

Lotte πŸ™‚ Hey, you know you can contact me so it’s alright.

Yeah, riding the waves is fun, been doing it for 20 or so years, and had suicide ideation a common feature for at least 15 of them. The reason I have this blog (and Twitter) is that I can get thoughts out of my head which seems to work for me. It’s more intense for a brief period but it’s less sustained which I can deal with a little better. Ok, it’s not going to change my mood pattern but the issues I have during it can be tempered to a degree.

Less than 3 weeks, it’s starting to get intense for sure πŸ™‚

17 04 2011
Rachael Black

John: little known secret here… I LOVE to shoot guns. I can kill a melon from a hundred yards.
My problem is the EASE of obtaining them. After Regan was shot (one of my least favorite presidents) there was as bill passed in Congress called The Brady Bill. Brady was the guy standing next to Regan who took a bullet and became a can of mixed vegetables. The bill was intended to make sure guns could not be purchased without a waiting period of three days and a criminal background check. The Regan shooter was one of Chales Manson’s followers who was out on parole.
That’s right kids! Prior to that many of our states would hand over a gun to any idiot at the time of purchase. Or me, not just ANY idiot.
Since Bush the First took office the bil has been gutted and as far as I know is locked away in a warehouse with the Ark of the Covenant.

So my friemd two things I love to shar with youL
1. I’m SOOOOO happy you;re not suicidal -this is why my previous rant was so, well, ranty. You scared me 😦
2. Please make it to the US so we can meet up close and in person. I’m thinking a cure for cancer and peace in the Middle East could be settled over some espresso followed by a glass of good Cabernet
3. (so much for two things) Let’s blow up up some shiat! Melon season is almost upon us!

And don’t forget: Guns don’t kill people. But they fucking help.

17 04 2011

You see, everyone thinks you’re not allowed firearms in the UK, this is not true. We can have more or less any firearm we want (yeah rocket launchers etc are not normally allowed… bastards).

The trick is getting a license for it.

Following two significant firearms incidents in UK history (look up Hungerford and Dunblane massacres) licensing laws were tightened up. After Hungerford no autos were allowed, semi autos were very restricted, and pump action shotguns were harder to get. After Dunblane, anything handheld and over .22 was banned, then every handgun was banned. As such obtaining a license means applying to the police who will assess if you have a legitimate reason for purchasing a firearm, what firearm you want, and will come round to see if you have the heavy duty weapons safe to keep it in. Beyond that you can have any weapon you like, you can even carry it around if you want, but you will normally be registered as an arms dealer (sooooooo hard to get a license for) or be a specially licensed agent (think bodyguards of very very rich people and government ’employees’).

So yeah, reckon attending the US might have to happen, dispatch a few melons with some rounds (I so want to fire a Barrett rifle) n plot either the saviour or destruction of mankind (womankind knows how to survive)

Btw, who’s John?

18 04 2011
Rachael Black

Bwahahahahaha. Well it should have read Null but I’d just posted on another friend’s blog. You can guess his name: Steve,

In any case, please do forgive the hideous typos of late. Actually called a friend last night to see if I was brain damaged form the lack of oxygen in the hospital -was on it 24/7 and was ‘dead’ (who’d fucking notice) for 4 minutes. She told me it was the valium, morphine and oxycontin I’m currently taking.
Can hardly wait until I tell her I called someone John. I only know 2 people named John. One claimed he was King of England and kept babbling about thr Magna Carta or some such thing.

I do know that there are firearms in the UK.. you crazy Brits killing innocent animals as opposed to crazy people.
You do have to have a firearms license here in the US. This makes it difficult to send guns though the mail: they have to be shipped to a liensed dealer, and then you can pick them up there.
Assuuming you answer the question on the package label which asks ‘

Lind of like at the airport when they ask if anyone has touched your baggage or Are you shipping explosives or guns in this parcel?

Not that I’m jaded. Or on drugs. Oh wait.

Well John, see you soon and we’ll terminate some melons.

18 04 2011

There’s no such thing as innocent animals, they’re all plotting our downfall!

17 04 2011

err, subject on my mind at the mo (minor sexual assault whilst out in the world has left me reeling- not sure how it happened): are men really that bad?

and of course you can be blogging suicidal. Less likely you’d be taking a wander through metaphysical philosophy whilst doing it, but there you go.

18 04 2011

Are we that bad? Some yes, some no. I get the feeling you wish to discuss this more in-depth as it were, if so I’ll let you choose your preferred method of contact.

18 04 2011
Rachael Black

are you saying that my kitty is not rubbing up to be pet, but to simply find the tasty bits?
The horror. the horror

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