Travel: Preps So Far

17 04 2011

Well, less than three weeks to go before I begin my travels but of course there’s plenty to do. Ah well, I’m a man so it wouldn’t be the same without some last minute stuff going on but such is life eh. So, I guess with everything I’ve done so far it’s time to discuss security.

Security is a big deal when travelling as there are some naughty people out there who will happily remove all your posessions for their own personal gain. Shocking I know but it happens. And so the whole security thing is a two pronged approach, prevention and minimising. You prevent the risk as well as you can, and you minimise the impact anything has on you.

Ok, I’ll be honest here, there’s stuff I’m not going to put on this blog which is part of the whole minimising aspect because I don’t know who reads this and who may bear me some ill will so a lot of this will be the usual stuff the governments advise.

To prevent the risk, the best thing you can do is use your common sense. It’s the usual thing of not going into places you don’t feel sure about, trusting your gut to keep you out of trouble. Ok, this isn’t a foolproof way but then there’s other things. For example, I’m not small, I’m quite stocky, so I tend not to be the kind of person that those, who specialise in these things, wouldn’t normally target.

Appearing less of a target is something which can easily be defined. Keep your head up and act confident. This works all round the world and you can use it in your everyday life to ward off people who you ould otherwise like to avoid. Easiest way to do this is to pick a point in the distance, keep your head up, and keep looking at that point as you walk towards it. Victims are normally those who walk round avoiding eye contact, looking down a lot, not looking like they should be there.

For minimising I have a few things in place, like online copies of important documents so that if they are stolen/mislaid. Then it’s a matter of planning the route I will take ahead of travelling and also the important things like my governmental backup (embassies etc). I’ll also be uploading info on my route etc to people who know me extremely well and as such will at least be able to give a range of investigation should anything happen to me.

Yeah I know this is a little short on detail but then the thing is with security that not telling people what you have in place is one of the biggest parts of the whole thing. This is why Area 51 is secure, people don’t know much about it so it’s very secure, and also why the whole alien thing about it persists I guess.

No I won’t be carrying out any alien autopsies. Ahem.




One response

21 04 2011

sorry, lack the ability to work out where you’re off to, or how recently you’d been out & about. but just to say that normal defence mechanisms might not apply any more; the world has got a bit shit in recent years, and even invisible people are targets for hard-up would-be-thieves. You can’t blame people of course, they’re poor, (even poorer than they used to be) with not much prospects, and an apparently cashed-up bod wanders through? Mad not to tap it.
and the odds are you’re safer ‘away’ than at home anyway- the only problem is accessing the law if you need it.

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