Shooting The Sh…

18 04 2011

I’ve been… self medicating for no real reason for the past couple of days and it’s one of those things where I know alcohol is definitely a depressant as getting more sober tends to be a fun event linked with not feeling happy. So whilst I’m in the mod, just time for some fun.

I like to have fun. Do you like to have fun? Course you like to have fun because fun is fun and what’s not to like about that? Of course the definition of ‘fun’ is probably different from one person to another but hey, that’s what makes the world so wonderful, the variety of entertainment.

It’s good that I can read this and know that I’m either not making much sense or not giving a shit what I say because I just want to say it. Fair to say I’m still on my own brand of medication which is helping to reduce my inhibitions so this is likely to get… ummm. interesting (sure you wanna continue?).


Close one. Those flying kippers like to be low flying this time of year for some reason. Anyway, when people have their inhibitions lowered you tend to get a slightly… distorted? Possibly, view of their true personality because they are trying to show you who they are without the limiters that we all have that say ‘You’re being a dick’ etc that tends to keep those of us with a shred of sanity from saying whatever they feel like. Now, I gotta be honest, I tend to say a lot of shit that comes into my mind and it does tend to be a bit fecked up which means that people who have met me know that I’m a bit mad. I’m comfortable with this. I embrace my lack of normalcy.

Oh give me a home, where the buffalo roam, and the dear and the antelope have tea parties with cucumber sandwiches yet don’t invite the buffalo because one has to have standards dontcher know. Now… ummm… sure there’s things I was going to say but they temporarily escape the confines of memory, possibly never to return. Beyond that I’m not really thinking about things, I’m just typing till I happen upon something worth typing about. Ummm…. I will admit that as one of my ingrained behaviours is the importance of sex relating to intimacy, I may say some random stuff either about sex or about the attractiveness of females I happen to know. Admittedly the talk about sex is usually my desire to get laid in weird n wonderful ways… or at all, but that’s by the by. See, inhibitions going south for the metaphorical winter (as we’re in spring and heading towards summer a literal winter would be unimportant). Hey, as a travel thing, I did buy 24 condoms. I’m not saying I’m going to have that much sex (chance would be a fine thing) but as well as providing a measure of safety in those intimate moments with random people, they also have a few other uses which may prove… useful to me during my adventures.

Strangely enough my mind runs like this well but still self edits because I’ve been told that I talk in my sleep and the things that I say are so much fun because they can be extremely embarrassing should you happen to admit undying love for someone that isn’t actually the person you happen to be sharing a bed with. Oh man was that a few days to remember.

Feck it (I would say the other version but I’m actually trying not to swear as much as normal which ok I am saying ‘shit’ but I’m not saying the f word which is minor progress) I’m gonna leave it there but if you’re good and get in quick you can ask me any question you like and take advantage of poor ickle me in my enib… drunk state. C’mon, Q&A session, anything you wanna ask. Go for it.




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