Landmark Rambling

26 04 2011

I know I’m a bit of a hit slut with this blog, I check my site stats and pay a little attention to where my visitors are coming from. Why? Umm, I don’t know because, to be fair, this blog probably wouldn’t change much if no-one read it. Ok, that’s a lie, it would change…

Why? Partly because there’s only so long you can sit there pissing into the wind before you get bored of it all and give up. Partly because without people sharing their views via comments then I think I wouldn’t give as much of a shit as I do.

Today marked a bit of a landmark as I managed to achieve more than 1,000 page views within a month (and the month isn’t over yet). Part of this is down to breed traffic which can be irritating as it’s only point is try to get you curious enough to visit the site they’ve been linking in from. Hasn’t worked yet. Anyway, there are a dedicated band of troopers who continue to read my variety of blatherings. To them I say “Thanks” although in the back of my mind of course I’m thinking “Why on earth do they keep coming back?”.

So, is that it?

Nah, course not, it’ll be boring and slightly embarrassing for me. So what else is there? Reckon a little music is order, think I’ll see if I can get some YouTube videos to load up…

Oh so true. You can’t always get what want, but sometimes you get what you need.

Right, time to kick things into party mode a little with what is considered one of the best dance tracks of all time. Energy 52 and Cafe Del Mar. For those not into the Ibiza vibe, Cafe Del Mar is a cafe on the beach which looks out to sea and it’s the place to be when the sun goes down and all you see is the sun slowly sinking into the sea. Add to it this tune and it kinda captures the feel you get at these times.

Just for reference this is the Paul Oakenfold version which is possibly the most popular of the huge amount of remixes out there.

What now? What now? Good question, I mean after listening to that previous track I tend to feel a fair bit chilled so perhaps I should keep it chilled. How’s this?

Yup, I went there 🙂 I like the film and I like this track so what can I say? Not sure if that’s really classed as chilled but hey, not the end of the world if it’s not.

Got time for another song? Normally I’d end here with a video from Maximum The Hormone, especially as the Japanese metalers are coming to Europe very soon. However, think I’ll be gentle with you and seeing as it’s a little chilled, here’s one of my fave chilled dance music groups doing a fantastic remix of the odd yet strangely captivating Sigur Ros’ track Hoppipolla. Here’s Chicane with Poppiholla.

Did the video make you question how you see people? And how did the song work for you? Hope you liked it, I know I do.

Take care people.




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