Break Out The Pom Poms

12 05 2011

I’m a blogging machine recently so I’m thinking that I may be on a touch of a high. Nowt wrong with that, ‘Make hay whilst the sun shines’ I believe the saying is. So, what’s in store this time? Let’s find out together…

After the last few posts, and the comments left behind which have (I’ve gotta be brutally honest here) have left me a little bewildered as I wasn’t expecting that level of support, I thought I’d flip the tables a bit.

Am I gonna name names n tell you what I think of people? Umm, no, I may have suicide ideation but I’m not that desperate to die.

What I will do is say that there are people I know, that I interact with, who I can do nothing but feel for. These are people who are going through similar events to me, some of them going through much worse. Wish I could do more for them than I currently do but for one reason or another I can only do what I do which is use my words.

Hmm, that sounded a little convoluted but I shall press on nonetheless.

I see so much potential. Seriously. From budding artist who could grow into someone who can make money selling their work, to the activist with the potential to make such a huge impact I’m actually a bit in awe of them. From the younger person who has yet to find a place in the world yet has the vivacity to make it quite an interesting place when they do, to the more seasoned (so diplomatic) person who is able to find true humour in the face of crippling adversity and turn it to their advantage.

Mental health problems, especially when it becomes serious enough to warrant hospitalisation, can feel like it has stripped us of so much, that we are but a shadow of our former selves. However, if you could see what I can see, you’d know that despite this, despite the lack of support, despite the powers that be doing what they can to screw things up, despite the physical pain, the potential to achieve great things is there. Yeah, ok they may not be what you thought they’d be before then but life changes, your potential has only moved sideways, not down.

Some people may feel left out, like they weren’t included in the examples, or they don’t feel that what I said matches them. Suffice to say, if we’ve interacted over even a short period of time then I’m aware of your potential. If in doubt, ask me, there’s my email, or a direct message via Twitter, or a comment on here if you’re feeling brave, I’ll tell you what I see, but unlike a fortune teller, crossing my palm with silver just makes me richer, it won’t change what I say.

Time to put the pom poms down now.




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12 05 2011

How lovely of you to borrow my pom-poms!

I hear what you’re saying and what’s more- I truly bloody believe it- but I only believe it because of you and people like you.

I would go on to tell you just how much your virtual support has meant to me sice we first “met” but I’d make you blush and that would make your sunburn even more hurty.

Keep blogging, keep travelling, keep being you.


13 05 2011

What I will do is say that there are people I know, that I interact with, who I can do nothing but feel for…Wish I could do more for them than I currently do but for one reason or another I can only do what I do…I see so much potential. Seriously.

I suggest you show this blog to the person that diagnosed you with narcissistic personality disorder. NPD my arse.


13 05 2011

So you are bewildered eh?! Why?? We comment because we care….which I suppose is a strange concept for you to grasp BUT ITS TRUE….we would not be here reading and commenting if we didn’t give a monkeys ass! (please no thoughts of monkeys asses 🙂 )

You have yet again wrote another thought provoking post, being a shadow of our former selves is oe way of putting it….infact a very good way of putting it.

Plus I have just come across your Diary Section which I am reading a bit of every day….very interesting plus helps me see a bit more of you (not literally obviously)

Hope the sunburn is easing off a bit x x x

13 05 2011

Zoe, you can say it, just doubt I’d believe it, but that’s me 🙂

Pan, I do have NPD, I know I do, but it doesn’t stop me from things which are important to my core self, such as caring about you guys.

Lotte, enjoy the diary, it’s a glimpse of things for me within hospital. And yeah, the sunburn is ok, it’s the Panda eyes which are annoying me now. Damn sunglasses

16 05 2011
Rachael Black

You’re a great help to me. Being sequestered in my bedroom recovering from back surgery give me time to read again. Sadly time to think as well, and my mind is a dangerous alley after dark. Even in the sunshine of daylight.

I Consider myself an egomaniac with low self-esteem heh.
People dig me, find me hysterical and witty, and I detest every minute of ‘entertaining’ them with my false face. you’ve mentioned this type of thing before.

Which brings me to this:
You’re right, there is a LOT that you we can do.
Hell, you’re already writing! And travelling!

The problem with bi-polar depression -at least for me- is that when I’m down the lows keep me away from the activities which keep me alive: writing music, performing with bands, writing on a more regular basis, working as a consultant on films.
Have done all of these things, and can do them again.

Your writing helps keep me on an even keel. Hell, you’re doing well enough -and taking the difficult steps- that make my day reading your post.

And YES you do mean a lot to your readers. So careful what you say… We’ll jump you from our laptops if we even suspect you’re thinking of taking the Deep Sleep 😉

Take care Null and keep us going

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